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I'm Certainly your gal
(* gasp * who the heck is she?)
hi!-Script Sabine Biesenberger (B)

I’m Sabine, an online business strategist for coaches.

And hell yes, I mentioned the bad boys, a.k.a. marketing & money, right off the bat...

Because I’d like to have an honest conversation with you about why these two things matter more than we’d want to admit.

(Yep, I suck at sugar coating it!)

Word on the street is that this is how you feel about the m-words:

  • you despise almost everything that has to do with marketing (and sales!); and
  • you cringe whenever you need to charge money for your coaching services—especially the amount you’re worth.

What I also know to be true about you is that you’re courageous and committed... You changed the course of your life and are keen to leave your mark on the world. And, you have spent approximately 2,347 of hours honing your craft to become the brilliant coach you are today.

Now you realise that transforming your own and other peoples lives seems easier than growing your coaching business online.

Spoiler alert: you’re not alone!

I see you, and many other coaches, wasting precious time (and money!) on tactics, techniques, and tools that promise you everything and more.

You’re spinning your wheels…

You’re always on the look-out for the newest “secret” that’s supposed to get you “to the promised land”...

And you’re hoping that one day that one idea will make the incredible impact you wish for deep down.

Overwhelm, confusion, and frustration are at an all-time high. Meanwhile, your bank account is at an all-time low thanks to the recurring subscriptions that aren’t doing their job.

Despite this, you haven’t given up on your dream to make your business work online.

How do I know all this?

I’ve been playing the marketing game for over two decades now.

It all started with the decision to study international marketing at university followed by “stints” in the corporate world (yep, I’m talking about multi-million dollar campaigns and projects at Global Fortune 500 companies).

I’ve been around when the newest marketing buzz was sending out pre-paid envelopes in the hope that someone would make an effort and drop it off at the nearest post office to seal the deal. I built my first website with Adobe Dreamweaver and loved the sister software Flash for creating animated banners.

When all of those trends were no longer “en vogue” and the online space morphed into the golden but nerve-wracking opportunity that it is today, I threw myself into sales funnels, email sequences, and marketing automation. I added all the bells and whistles that were expected from a marketing pro, only to ditch most of them after some time…

I mean, who wants to market themselves as a “sleaze-ball” if you can achieve even better results when you market yourself in an authentic and classy manner?

So, I began separating the wheat from the chaff because I wanted my business to be elegant yet powerful. As a result, I revamped everything. #startalloveragain

Looking back, a lot of things have changed and continue to evolve every single day… which I’m kinda grateful for because I wouldn’t wanna miss the cool stuff in my business that allows me to take more time off while still making money.

One thing I know for sure is...

You can only run a successful coaching business if building a genuine relationship with your tribe is at the centre of your marketing efforts.

To do this, you gotta understand your ideal client and apply the fundamental principles of marketing, not just random tactics! You gotta put an integrated strategy in place that impacts your tribe the way you want it to - one that plays to your strengths.

And you gotta stick to your plan. (Good-bye randomness.)

You might be surprised (and relieved!) to hear that marketing doesn’t equal sales. Or in the words of Peter Drucker: “The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” In the end, it means that if you do your marketing well, awkward sales conversations belong in the past.

Cool, huh?

Now that we’ve got the marketing pep talk out of the way, let’s shift our focus to money.

You’re first and foremost in business to make a difference in other people’s lives...

Yet you also want to be rewarded for your work.

Good for you!

Because you my friend, want to make money for all the right reasons:

  • Escape over the weekend to an island that was on your bucket list for ages.
  • Surprise your kids with tickets to a special concert they were raving about.
  • Go with your spouse to a fancy restaurant that you “ignored” for years ($$$$ price tag alert!).
  • Hire a team to help you out in business so that you have more time to coach.
  • Invest in systems that help you scale your business while still giving everything that personal touch.
  • Support charities that are close to your heart with more funds than you ever imagined possible.

Am I right?

The only way you can make more money, however, is to wow your clients and charge your worth. To do that, you need to let your tribe know that you exist and what you can do for them. You need to master (* drumroll please *) marketing!

Can you see how those two bad boys turned out to be the good guys? How marketing goes hand-in-hand with money?

Because Both Are Crucial if you want To Get Your Coaching Business Off The Ground And Keep It Growing.

Now, before you get too excited to take on the world: leaving footprints online in a stress-free way is a WHOLE different ball game. And I know you’ve already got some “digital scars” to show off.

I won’t leave you hangin’ (pinky promise!).

Instead, I’d like to give you a little tip on your way to growing and scaling a profitable coaching business online: be sure to trust the right mentors. Trust the ones who genuinely care about you and your business.

And don’t bother about how they did it, by the way.

All that matters is that they’re capable of drawing on the right strategies for your business, your dream, and your definition of success.

Cookie-cutter approaches ain’t gonna do the trick anymore.

It's time to move from swipe files towards crafting your own masterpiece in business and life.

If you’re open to market your coaching business online in a way that feels authentic to you and works for your tribe... I’d love to chat with you to see if I can help (no strings attached!).

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Image of Fun Facts Sabine Biesenberger Part 1

My professional bio

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Originally from Germany, Sabine Biesenberger is an online business strategist for coaches based on Australia’s Gold Coast.

A sought-after, no-nonsense marketing mentor with several elite certifications and a prestigious coaching accreditation under her belt, Sabine is able to draw on the most effective strategies for each client, helping them build and scale a profitable yet lifestyle-friendly coaching business online that’s simple, doable, and fun.

Her university degrees in economics and international marketing, combined with her corporate experience in the automotive, aerospace and resources industries, make her a pro in mentoring individuals, transforming businesses, leading change, managing projects, and boosting bottom lines.

When starting her second business overseas, Sabine harnessed her expertise, and she’s now running a boutique mentoring practice, working with coaches around the world who want to experience new levels of flexibility, fulfilment and freedom.

When she’s not leaving footprints in her clients’ lives, you can find her at the beach—perfecting a sand castle under the critical eye of her toddlers or scuba diving with the love of her life.

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