You don’t need another $1,997-course promising you airy-fairy results. 

What you need is a real breakthrough in your coaching business...Now!

I’m glad we’re on the same page.

You’ve already invested a bucketload of money and time in various courses. Some were a B-, some the perfect digital dust collector...

But each time, whenever you punched in your credit card details, you were convinced that this time you’d be the one whose testimonial would be published on the sales page saying (in capital letters and with five !!!!!) that thanks to this course, you were able to recoup your investment within the first week and 10x your coaching business the week after…

Except that day never came...

After all you went through, how can you not be sceptical whenever you hear of a new course, training or program?

You’re right—you should question things… because most of those courses keep you in “learning mode” rather than propelling you towards “earning mode”.

Nº 1


Keen to nail every discovery sessions you run and confidently convert more prospects into coaching clients?

Choice (written in script, t) - Sabine Biesenberger

Nº 2


Want to set up the four most essential & lucrative campaigns in your business to get a consistent flow of coaching clients?

Why I offer group experiences...

The simple reason for this is because some of my clients are interested in a particular topic and they implement with more ease in a group setting, as they love being part of a community of like-minded coaches and strive when interacting with peers.

They also prefer social learning environments to one-on-one sessions, and, of course, they’re head over heels into the lower pricing.

Despite the group setting, I never cut back on giving individual feedback, because I care about every single one of my students. I promise I’ll take good care of you, too.

Before you get too excited...

my group experiences are focused on learning-while-doing.

​This means they’re a big no-no for coaches who are interested in theoretical things that fill up their notepads but leave their bank accounts blank.

They’re the perfect choice for coaches who are doers and want to get A+ results in their businesses—fast.

If you’re a doer, I invite you to make your choice...

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