The secret to crafting a stellar coaching welcome packet

Do you want to wow your brand-new coaching clients with an outstanding welcome pack? Then you're in the right place.

Before we uncover what to put in a welcome package, let me first congratulate you for making this decision. Because most coaches (or solopreneurs in general) stop with their marketing efforts right after they made the sale - which is a big mistake.

In fact, your marketing should never end.

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As you’re here, let’s knock your new coaching client’s socks off with something they’d have never expected: a well-thought-through greeting kit that gets them excited about the coaching journey ahead.

Understanding what you need to sprinkle in a welcome guide and what to ditch makes all the difference between overwhelming your clients and delighting them.

So, let’s talk about everything you should consider when creating one...

Show notes:

Craft a Stellar Coaching Welcome Packet

You'll learn:


…why post-purchase dissonance (a.k.a. buyer’s remorse) is real, and how you can alleviate it.


…how a coaching welcome booklet fits into your overall onboarding process.


…the five do’s of creating a coaching welcome packet that rocks.


…the three don’ts that should never make it into your welcome package.


…the single question you should ask yourself whenever you’re unsure whether to include a content piece or not.


…what’s included in the packet I created for my mentoring clients (detailed walk-through).


…what you need to keep in mind when you’re “finalising” your greeting package.

But first things first:

Maybe you’re wondering what the hell a coaching welcome packet has to do with marketing...

Well, a lot!

Because everything you do (or don’t do!) in your coaching business that impacts your prospect’s or client’s experience is marketing, as it shapes your reputation in one way or another.

So, when a prospect said yes to you and became a client, I bet you feel over the moon. However, your clients might be in a completely different emotional state... 

Have you ever heard of post-purchase dissonance or buyer’s remorse?

That’s marketing jargon for that nerve-wracking feeling of regret and uncertainty you get after the initial ‘purchase high’ because you’ve just realised that you spent a bucket load of money on something you aren’t 100% sure will work out for you.

Ever felt that way? Yes?

Your coaching clients get this feeling too. Most likely within the hour or day after giving you their credit card details.

That’s why you need to make sure that your welcome experience is nothing short of amazing. It’s all about reinforcing the message that they bought the right thing and that they’ve chosen the right coach.

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So, the goal of a coaching welcome packet is to get your clients into - or maintain - that “feel good” vibe about their buying decision, themselves, you and your services.

Now that you know about the importance of onboarding your coaching clients properly, it’s time to talk about what makes or breaks this kit.

The five do’s to craft a stellar welcome package

Let’s dive in and uncover the five do’s of a welcome guide - or in other words what to include in there:


Start your welcome kit with a personal note where you congratulate your new client and welcome them into your inner circle.

Reinforce the fact that they made the right decision when choosing you and your coaching program, and briefly point out the benefits they can expect throughout the coaching experience.

DO #2: Make the content of the WELCOME KIT about your client

Provide guidance and give your clients tips on how to get the most out of your time together.

Point out planning, mindset and productivity hacks as well as additional resources to make the journey a smooth ride.

DO #3: Show your client that you truly care

Letting your clients know that they’re in good hands and that you care about them and their results is crucial. 

Show them how they can get in touch with you whenever they feel stuck or need extra support.

And if you want to set some boundaries (which is totally fine!), put it in there too. Just make sure to phrase it in a positive and uplifting way. Because this isn’t the place to teach them a lesson on how to do things your way.

DO #4: Lead the way by focusing on what matters

Your clients most likely don’t sign up for a coaching package every day.

Take them by the hand and give them an overview of the journey ahead: the timeline, the methods, the milestones, the process, what they can expect, and also what they can contribute to making this transformational experience unforgettable.

Make them feel good and reassure them that they did the right thing when committing to working with you.

DO #5: Prepare your client for the Coaching journey ahead

There’s nothing worse than spending the first coaching session on sorting out logistics, answering basic queries, or taking your clients on a journey of 1001 questions covering every possible angle of their lives so far.

Instead, use the client onboarding packet to help them get ready for the first coaching session by adding a mini-checklist with super simple tasks. Stick to three items on your checklist though, and ensure that none of the to-dos are too time-consuming or hard to accomplish.

Follow these five principles to a T, and your welcome pack will excite your clients.

Just keep in mind that whatever you place in there should help them stay or get into that feel-good state.

Think of your coaching welcome kit like a client’s toolkit for getting started with your coaching services—no matter if you’re a life, health, career, success or relationship coach. 

So, are there any topics you should better not mention in there? You bet...

The three things you should never put in a client’s welcome kit

Let’s talk about the three don’ts - or what not to include in your coaching welcome packet:

DON't #1: steer clear of pitching

You’ve already sold your coaching program to them, so there is no need to tell them over and over again how great you are, where they should connect with you, how they can join your free group or which masterclass they should sign up for.

The selling is over. Focus your marketing on giving them the best onboarding and coaching experience possible. If you feel the urge to include a short bio, go for it, but don’t overdo it. Be humble.

DON'T #2: keep your inner teacher at bay

Do you know how to change someone’s mood in an instant? Tell the other person what to do, or worse, remind them of the terms and conditions they agreed to line by line. (Hello, Debbie Downer!)

So, keep the legal stuff, any rules they need to stick to, or obligations they need to follow out of the package.

You can undoubtedly manage expectations but do it subtly and with love. Ask yourself if a this or that section really needs to be in there or if you can address it at another time.

DOn't #3: don't treat them like a transaction

Always treat your new coaching clients like human beings. The reason I point this out is that I can’t tell you how often I see client welcome packages which are purely focused on transactional stuff... Payment receipt embedded, agreement letter on the first page, form to be filled in, rules explained, and so on.

Don’t remind them how much they paid for your services; remind them what they will get out of it.

Don’t ask them for information they’ve already provided when they signed up; ask them what they’re most excited about.

Don’t ask them questions that have nothing to do with their goals; instead, explore what matters to them.

Make them feel unique and special, like they’re one in a million, not just a number on your revenue spreadsheet.

Humanise and emotionalise your content.

Now you understand the three no-no’s that should stay out of your guide to ensure it won’t drag your client down. Because your content should encourage and uplift them.

But what about “this” and “that”?, you ask. Here’s a little bonus tip for you...

If you’re on the fence which content to add or leave out, ask yourself this!

Whenever you’re unsure if you should include something or not, ask yourself this simple question:

Is this relevant right now?

The emphasis is on the “right now”, because there’s a lot of stuff you’ll want and need to let your clients know about and that’s okay. The vital question is: can you let them know about this at a later point in time without jeopardising the coaching relationship, progression or outcome? If yes, leave it out. If no, put it in there and phrase it accordingly.

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In short, a coaching welcome packet is all about serving bite-sized chunks of information to your new clients that keep them in a feel-good vibe and help them understand the coaching journey ahead.

But hold on to your horses, because we’re not done yet...

Get a sneak-peek into my welcome briefing

I’d like to show you the template I created for my private mentoring clients so that you see the principles I talked about in this blog post in full swing.

As it doesn’t make sense to explain what my welcome briefing looks like in writing, I recommend that you watch at least the last section of my video where I’ll walk you through my entire kit. (Yes, page by page!)

Coaching Welcome Packet - Template Example -

Click the link below to watch the entire video from start to finish (psst: should you only want to view the part where I’ll walk you through my welcome briefing template, just use the player controls and skip ahead to the 6:40 mark):

You’ll get plenty of inspiration what your welcome kit could look like, what content pieces to include and how to arrange everything to make it easy to read and visually appealing.

Keep in mind that this welcome package isn’t the only thing they receive. I’ve created an entire welcome process, or onboarding experience, for my clients to set them up for success from the get-go which includes various elements. One of them is this welcome briefing.

Spoiler alert: Your welcome packet is a direct reflection of your brand, positioning strategy and values.

You’ve made it all the way to the end of this post, and by now you know what to sprinkle into a welcome guide and what to keep out. You understand that it’s a balancing act between providing the nitty-gritty details and maintaining a feel-good state.

If you design your coaching welcome template while keeping these principles in mind, it’ll give your new clients confidence in working with you and build excitement about the journey ahead. Or in marketing speak, it’ll kick buyer’s remorse in the butt.

Thus, make sure to invest a bit of time to create a packet that genuinely captivates and wows your coaching clients. Because your creation tells a lot about your brand, positioning strategy and values.

Fortunately, you’ve got all the guidelines outlined in this post, so this should be an easy and straightforward task to complete. And I’m sure you’ll love the feedback you’ll get from your clients about your stunning welcome pack.

Over to you - what’s one thing you want to change in your current coaching welcome packet? Let me know in the comments by heading over here. I’d be thrilled to hear from you.


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