Set up a G Suite account in under 10 minutes

(even if you aren’t into tech)


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Step-by-step: How to set up your G Suite account

You don’t need an IT degree to get your first business email address set up (or switch from Office 365 over to G Suite). Because in this video, I’ll take you by my hand, and together we get your G Suite account up and running quickly. Gmail working? Tick. Know how to leverage Google Drive and work with Docs, Sheets and Slides? Well, that's not a problem either.

So, Watch this video and You'll Learn:


...the place you need to go to the get ball rolling (a.k.a. register for G Suite).


...the steps you need to complete to set up your account the right way.

[1:28] to activate your account and link it to your existing domain (it’s not techy at all; it’s kinda magical).


...what you should test and go through after activating G Suite.

[5:30] you can leverage all the other powerhouse apps within your G Suite package (e.g. Google Drive, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, Calendar etc.) to manage your coaching business the smart way.

Ditch the excuses why you can’t do this on your own and try it. Setting up your G Suite account is way simpler than you think. And you’ve got me by your side, too :). What are you waiting for? Watch the video now.


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